Faculty and Staff

Dr. Yaacov Kurtzweil

Manager of the Alumot program

Dr. Kurtzweil believes in developing constructivist programs for the professional development of educators, in order to improve their educational practices in the fields of formal and informal education. He was a member of the R&D team at Avnei Rosha – the Israel Institute for School Leadership, as well as a member of the academic management team at Hemdat Hadarom Academic College of Education. Yaacov earned a master's and doctorate degree in Jewish Thought from Ben Gurion University. He is a graduate of the 24th cohort of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership and of the Avney Rosha Institute program for aspiring school principals.

Dr. Silvia Stieglitz

Facilitator of the Alumot program

Dr. Stieglitz headed for ten years the training program for teachers of children with complex disabilities at the David Yellin Academic College of Education. She is a member of the institute for sustainability education at David Yellin and is the academic accessibility coordinator and teaches inclusive courses about social change in the field of disabilities in which students with disabilities learn with regular students. She is the head of the division of courses and workshops at the MOFET Institute and head of the specialization track in academic management. Dr. Stieglitz is a member of the board of trustees of the Bizchut organization for people with disabilities.

Liora Shpizer

Coordinator of the 'Alumot' Program

Liora Shpizer has been part of The MOFET Institute team since 2000.

She has served as Coordinator of the Division of Study Days and Conferences, where she was responsible for the organization and logistics of various events surrounding issues in education, and particularly in teacher education.

Shpizer was also the Coordinator of the R&D Unit for Technology and Innovation in Education, and is now the Coordinator of both the R&D Unit for Clinically-Based Teacher Education: Classroom-Academy and the 'Alumot' Program

Tamar Novik

Alumni Relations Manager and Content Developer, Alumot Program

Tamar believes in learning, instruction, and professional development within humanistic learning communities, whose design is informed by situated learning theory. In the past decade, Tamar has participated in, designed, facilitated, and studied hybrid learning communities and communities of practice, within the secondary and higher education system, as well as within teacher education programs. She was a faculty member, and member of the management staff at Teach First Israel. Tamar has managerial experience in the Hi-Tech industry, and in the field of teacher education. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a Master of Arts degree in Educational Technology from Haifa University, and an English Language Teaching certificate from Kibbutzim College of Education Technology and the Arts.